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Romaric – Material Control System (MCS)


RACE-OSRomaric automation software is based on RACE™ technology. RACE provides the rock-solid stability demanded by 24 / 7 factory automation systems. RACE’s two-layer architecture facilitates reuse across a wide variety of software applications.
Roma-MDThe Romaric Material Dispatcher (Roma MD™) is a state-of-the-art material control system that implements advanced dispatch algorithms to maximize tool-to-tool delivery and optimize product cycle times. It utilizes advanced routing and storage / retrieval algorithms that not only make optimal use of your AMHS equipment, but actually adapt and perform better as the behavior patterns of your system are learned. Roma MD communicates via E82 / E88 with any vendor’s AMHS equipment, and can simultaneously control AMHS equipment from multiple vendors. It is compatible with all major-brand MES systems and most other fab software. Discover the advantages of a truly independent software supplier and an integrated MCS / Dispatcher.
RACE-TrackRaceTrack™is a replacement system for the Daifuku MCP Vehicle Controller and the PRI AeroTrak Vehicle Controller. Throughput improvements of up to 46% have been realized and we believe even more is possible. This is accomplished by the following features that these much older systems did not do, or did very poorly such as, Optimized vehicle selection algorithms, vehicle reassignment, route selection improvements, other efficiency gains. Other vastly improved features include a complete statistical package focused on evaluating and improving throughput. With simple modifications RaceTrack can also be utilized to control any vendor’s AMHS equipment.
RES-QWith the Romaric Emulation System for Quality (RES-Q™), you can ensure that your fab software is well tested in a risk- free environment. Experienced fab managers understand the tremendous risks associated with installing untested software, patches or updates into production. Now there is a solution which can ensure your best chance for success. Whether your needs are related to transport and storage devices or process and metrology tools, RES-Q can help.


Always go the extra mile for you” –  this is our way of life. We don’t just say it. We live by it and show you by our action! Although we may not solve all your problems all the time, we will always go the extra mile to help you!!


Before order is placed, the application of the customer is discussed in detail. Base on our vast experience in various industries, we will offer the best and most cost effective solution for that application of the customer.


Complex instruments delivery may some times be long. However, we strive to ensure that we deliver the systems on time every time and with the utmost quality of the product assured!


From installation to user application training to after sales services and support. We strive to ensure that every part of this is done by the best qualified engineers in a timely and professional way.